GCABC Members

The members of the GCABC cover the biggest economy’s in the ASEAN region and are the first touch-point for German companies and governmental institutions to gain first-hand information. Here you can find detailed contact information as well as brief statements about each economy.

Establishment : 1924
Member : 500 members
Location : Jakarta, Surabaya
Phone : +62-21-3154685
E-mail : info@ekonid.id
Website : www.ekonid.com

Jan Rönnfeld
Managing Director

AHK Indonesia

The German-Indonesian Chamber of Commerce and Industry (EKONID) is representing the bilateral economic interests of both countries since 1924. A second office has been established in 2011 in Surabaya. EKONID has furthermore established itself as a reliable service provider regarding trade and investment activities in Indonesia. 500 member companies profit from EKONID’s networks to ministries and authorities.

Establishment : 1991
Member : 400 members
Location : Kuala Lumpur
Phone : +60-3-9235-1800
E-mail : info@malaysia.ahk.de
Website : www.malaysia.ahk.de

Daniel Bernbeck
Managing Director

AHK Malaysia

Die Malaysian-German Chamber of Commerce and Industry (MGCC) was founded in 1991 and has 400 member companies. MGCC supports them to move successfully in a dynamic and changing economic environment and advises them to benefit from Malaysia’s advantage of location within ASEAN. Together with its Members, MGCC is following strategic topics such as industrial training, corporate responsibility, green technology and electro mobility.

Establishment : 2004
Member : 520 members
Location : Singapore
Phone : +65-6433-5330
E-mail : info@sgc.org.sg
Website : singapur.ahk.de

Dr. Tim Phillipi
Managing Director

AHK Singapore

There are more than 1350 German companies in Singapore – many of them using its location as their own headquarter for their businesses in Southeast Asia. The Singaporean-German Chamber of Industry and Commerce (SGC) supports them with market analysis, the search of distributors, personnel procurement, trade fair services, and its contacts and networks throughout the state.

Establishment : 1962
Member : over 600 members
Location : Bangkok
Phone : +66-2670-0600
E-mail : info@gtcc.org
Website : thailand.ahk.de

Dr. Roland Wein
Managing Director

AHK Thailand

The German-Thai Chamber of Commerce and Industry (GTCC) is promoting bilateral economic relations between Germany and Thailand since 1962. As of now it counts more than 600 member companies. GTCC is supporting German and Thai companies entering new markets. Its services comprise consulting, events, trade fairs and an active representation of German businesses in Thailand.

Establishment : 1993
Member : 291 members
Location : Hanoi, Ho-Chi-MInh
Phone : +84-8-38239775
E-mail : info@vietnam.ahk.de
Website : vietnam.ahk.de

Marko Walde
Managing Director

AHK Vietnam

The Delegation of German Industry and Commerce in Vietnam (GIC) was founded in 1993. Since then it opened offices in Hanoi and Ho Chi Minh City. Besides the organization and support of bilateral cooperation projects, GIC is offering a variety of services, such as market entry support, consulting, market analysis, and trade fair services. All of its 250 Member companies in Vietnam benefit from those efforts. Furthermore, Vietnam is a more and more attractive business location due to its central location and its stability.

Establishment : 2008
Member : 250 members
Location : Manila
Phone : +63-2-519-8110
E-mail : info@gpcci.org
Website : philippinen.ahk.de

Dr. Martin Henkelmann
Managing Director

AHK Philipinnes

The Philippines is one of the fastest growing economies in the world. The German-Philippine Chamber of Commerce and Industry (GPCCI) was founded in 2008 and advocates more than 200 German and Philippine Member companies. In order to promote bilateral trade, GPCCI offers a wide portfolio including market entry consultation, market analysis, organization of business travels, trade fair services, and services in dual training.

Establishment : 2014
Member : 88 members
Location : Yangon
Phone : +95-9-4506-293-64
E-mail : martin.klose@myanmar.ahk.de
Website : myanmar.ahk.de

Martin Klose
Managing Director

AHK Myanmar

The delegation was officially introduced by the German Federal President, Joachim Gauck, on 11 February 2014. The chamber is strongly tied to the UMFCCI, the local governing body chamber in Myanmar, and supports German companies in the early economic stage of establishing a business in Myanmar with market entry assistance for export and distribution, and project activities regarding purchase and investments.