Role and Target

The German Chambers ASEAN Business Council (GCABC) has been founded to offer a comprehensive ASEAN dialogue platform to all involved interest groups. Its mission comprises to strengthen the regional cooperation within ASEAN and to support trade and investments. GCABC is the platform for enterprises in ASEAN, especially for SMEs, as well as political decision makers from the ASEAN region, Germany and the EU to meet and link, network and promote the exchange of knowledge within a trade and investment friendly environment. The network places emphasize on the discussion of important strategic questions regarding ASEAN integration and identification of relevant future topics

As a permanent mechanism the GCABC envisages to hold bi-annual conferences in alternating AMSs plus an annual event in alternating German cities. The events will be organized by the German bilateral chambers in ASEAN being the founding members of GCABC and the respective host countries. ASEAN SME Advisory Board, ASEAN SME Agencies working group (SMEWG), national chambers, SME associations in AMSs as well as ACCI and ABAC are invited to be partners of the GCABC. Other chambers, such as EuroCham and bilateral chambers between other European countries and an AMS or between two AMSs are also welcome as partners and participants. In detail following activities are envisaged:

  • bi-annual conference in alternating AMSs
  • annual event in alternating German cities
  • annual economic survey
  • regional information platform
  • regional business development support
  • regional capacity building programs