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Reducing Physical Contacts While Maintaining Business Relationships with Customers and Suppliers Philippines Tueday, 6/8/2021
3 – 4pm
The Philippine government is gradually easing out restrictions for the local economy to pick up. Unfortunately, the recent COVID-19 positive cases surge is partly attributed to infections that happened within the workplace and got extended to households. Most business people and economists are struggling to manage these uncertainties which is vital in jump-starting the economy.

As such, local and national government agencies are issuing guidelines for establishments to follow at their workplace depending on the nature of their business. Complying with these guidelines is a challenge to most establishments due to the readiness of their organization, sustaining interactions with their Customers and Suppliers, and lack of options to operate a business with a reduced physical collaboration.

This event will enable participants to (1) realize that reducing transactional physical contacts will be part of the New Normal, (2) identify virtual contact points in performing transactions with Customers and Suppliers, and (3) build awareness on existing fit-for-purpose technology solution options.

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GTCC Webinar “The logistics market during COVID-19: A forecast for challenges and solutions” Thailand Friday, 11 June 2021
10 – 11am
It has been over a year since the start of the COVID-19 pandemic, and still the logistics market has not returned to normalcy. COVID-19 first disrupted the air freight market, of which the ripple effects plus the Suez incident are affecting the shipping industry as well. The changing market condition is causing impacts on schedule reliability and costs of supply chains. Industry experts from international logistics service provider DACHSER will provide information on this topic including:
How COVID-19 has changed the air and sea logistics market
Market forecast 2021 and beyond
How shippers can get better prepared to the volatile market condition
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